Frequently Asked Questions About Eureka Scientific


Who can propose through Eureka?

Any individual, who meets the professional or other criteria for Principal Investigators (PI's) of the funding agency to which the proposal is to be submitted, and is not a full-time government employee.


What is the Eureka Scientific Indirect Rate and what does it pay for?

Currently we are quoting a 28% indirect rate based on our historical costs. One of the original goals of Eureka was to keep this rate low such that more of the contract amount could be used for your research needs. That is why we do NOT provide certain services such as travel arrangements and secretarial and editorial services. The indirect costs cover general administrative costs that support all Eureka contracts. These include: accountant's fees, copying, mail, fax and phone, rent, internet access, contract negotiation with funding agencies, invoicing services, and contract management. Also included is a fee (profit) for Eureka that is negotiated with the funding agency.


What services are offered by Eureka?

Eureka Scientific will assist in many aspects of proposal preparation and submission. The prospective PI will be responsible for identifying the appropriate funding agency and program, and most of the scientific proposal preparation. With your inputs, Eureka will help you construct the budget for your research proposal, and will perform the administrative functions related to proposal preparation and submission. After acceptance of the proposal, we will manage your contract by handling the interface with the funding agency and helping you abide by the terms of the contract.


How and when do I get paid for my work?

Eureka employees submit timecards and are paid monthly while subcontractors with a personal service contract are paid after they invoice Eureka on a monthly or quarterly basis, depending on the size and scope of the contract.


What is the salary scale for a Eureka contract?

The Eureka Research Scientist salary scale is based on years since the granting of a PhD, or equivalent. In general, PI's can expect to obtain monthly salaries equal to or better than the current equivalent university salary for an individual at their rank. Please contact us for further details.


Where do I conduct my Eureka work?

Usually, Eureka contractors perform their research work at home or in an office owned by them. Occasionally, facilities of a co-investigator (for which permission to use has been granted) are used, or approved facilities specifically designated by a funding agency for your contract (such as a "guest observer" facility) may be used.

Facilities, equipment or offices at your current institution for which you have received explicit written approval for use from your laboratory director, division head, or other officially recognized person may sometimes be utilized.


What affiliation can I use when publishing?

When publishing work done on a Eureka contract, the Eureka affiliation must appear on the research paper. However, we do not insist that this be the only affiliation. A Eureka PI can list more than one affiliation as long as their Eureka affiliation appears on all work published as a result of their contracts.


What paperwork will I be required to submit?

As a government contractor, Eureka is required to keep track of all monies spent. Therefore, we will require that our subcontractors and employees keep up to date timecards and receipts, and that they provide any deliverables spelled out in the contract (e.g. progress and final reports).

Eureka will help you set up an auditable accounting record. Eureka employees will be expected to fill out the usual tax forms but we expect subcontractors to be responsible for their own taxes.