Who We Are

Eureka Scientific: A corporation dedicated to scientific excellence

"Eureka Scientific promotes the pursuit of research into astrophysics and other related fields without the restrictions on principal investigator status placed on non-faculty staff. The majority of this research is funded by NASA and NSF contracts."


Board of Directors:

Eureka Scientific is currently managed by a board of eight directors (see below). Their expertise encompasses:

  1. Astrophysical research programs ranging from the radio to x-ray regime.
  2. Data acquisition and data analysis systems software.
  3. Instrumentation development across the entire spectrum and the testing and calibration of space instrumentation.
  4. The management of small and medium science projects.
  5. The development of novel educational science programs for students of ages K - 12.
  6. The organization of scientific conferences and meetings.


Current Board of Directors:

  • Dr. John Vallerga (President and CEO)
  • Dr. Nahide Craig (Development Officer)
  • Ms. Trish Dobson (Treasurer and CFO)
  • Dr. Patrick Jelinsky (Secretary)
  • Dr. David Finley
  • Dr. Isabel Hawkins
  • Dr. Deborah Orel-Bixler
  • Dr. Barry Welsh